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I wonder…

I wonder what of my life is left. A lot of time in the past I wished my life was mapped, I have the sensation that it is, is just that I don’t have the blueprints.

Wouldn’t be easier if all the decisions that you make in your life time were already taken? To know already the path you have selected? It wouldn’t be fun but at least it would be safe, and safety it’s always something everybody could use a little bit of.

I sometimes feel like I am being guided through the journey we call life, as if a voice is whispering in my ear to let me know the route. But sometimes the voices are so loud I can barely stand it, and sometimes, and these are the moments I dread the most, they are barely audible.

There is a medical term to define this particular state of mind. It is called schizophrenia.

Does that mean I am crazy, or am I the only one sane?


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